[ACE] Pre-Release 0.9.2 - Out now!


Like this?
I took the patterns from clay output shelf.

I’ve noticed Vines and Daisies aren’t renewable and it makes me more than sad. I think it should be possible to reproduce all plants without having to worry about them becoming extinct. How about Tundra plant crops? I can make them if you want. As a Plant Lore modpack author I am more than eager to help with plants, Herbalists for the win (pun totally intended)!


ACE is wonderfull so far! Thanks a lot for all your work!



Vines are renewable in that they have a chance to drop seeds, daisies just haven’t had seeds added yet (and early growing versions of them, like buds/seedlings, may need to be added/tweaked). As soon as I get back and test all the changes I’ve made, vines/daisies will be growing and spreading, and I think they’ll make a lot more sense.


This, by the way, is listed under the known issues :slight_smile:


Just a quick note: Vines don’t respect gravity. I dug one out and it just floated in the air.


It’s the annoying me again. Dropped in to say the season day bug broke my savegame.
One more thought about plants: would it be possible to limit the seed trader quest to seeds of plants which are unavailable? I got three quests for watermelon seeds in a row.

Let me rephrase that: Vines are non-renewable in that they have a chance not to drop seeds.


Once growth/spreading is in, each vine will create up to 88 other vines, so their modest seed drop rate should be a non-issue.


This is true and intentional. I’ll look more at the structure component when I get a chance, but the issue is that vines can grow in a hanging manner, and if they respected gravity then they’d just fall down instead.


Blorp, link for the save with the bugs I posted about earlier:

The pasture thing didn’t happen yet, but the pastures should be there (I think before the bug happened I had added a third small pasture next to the two already there).

EDIT: One thing I’d like to see with the current autoharvest is maybe be able to bind it a key to toggle it? Being able to turn it on/off through the menu tends to solve the problem of too many resources over time for me, but it’s a bit unwieldy (but I prefer that to undeploying things since that requires hearthlings to go out of their way to do things).


After several hours of play, I completely adhere to your ideas, however I have several things to say:
Regarding the armor, I think it would be better to be able to craft the entire armor set (steel helmet with armor and shield and not the armor and iron shield with the steel helmet)

I noticed that at level 6 of the blacksmith, he was missing a sword for the knight (I prefer the sword to the other weapons) so if you could add one (the most powerful knight’s sword is 18 point of damage so make it one with 19 or 20 points of damage and add a small cross at the handle to represent the nobility of the knights (yes I have a chivalrous spirit)

I have not yet unlocked level 3 of the village however I can already build the statue of sid (or unlock the legendary items) while my smith is only at level 5, see level 4 (he has leveled recently )
therefore either increase the limit of experience levels (7 or 8 max 10)
either give a craft condition about the legendary items (after I’m not at level 3 of the game yet I’m using the base game version)

Irrigation comes quite late in my opinion, but it remains to be seen; and then personally I think it’s complicated, I have not tried yet to see. and can be give a tutorial on irrigtion it can help some

Optional: romance between units and it strengthens their courage (although I’m not mistaken that it has been clarified that there will be no such thing)

to be able to choose your character (not necessarily entirely but to choose at least 1, I always make sure that my character is a knight)

to choose the colors of the banners of the groups of soldiers (I would like that the banner of the group 3 is the banner of the group 1 it is rather knight for my taste (I said it above I have a knightly spirit)

choosing a group captain would not hurt I think (leader who inspired people according to his attributes)

Bug: My soldier plays with a two-handed sword, but I still see his bronze abacus (even if he is de-equipmented and re-equipped)

wolves with a red collar hardly ever attacks
it would be nice if they attack instead of disappearing
PS: I install the ACS in the middle of the game so it may be that some things will work better if I restart a new game. I play R933 and I have the 937 so it may be that the bugs and malfunction is not viable for me

I am French and I install the translation patch FR, maybe it has an impact too (sorry if there are translation errors x))
I probably have other ideas so I think I would do a post but I do not have them in mind anymore

If not, I love what you do, you do a lot of work for the community and I thank you for your efforts.

Thank you for everything: D


If I’m not entirely mistaken, you have to build one of the three “Statues” like Valor of Cid to unlock the third tier. Not the other way around.

You can always change what Hearthlings are in which group, so you can just put your knights in Party 3 if you like this banner more.


I have trouble formulating, I know that you have to build one of the 3 statues to unlock the level 3, I wanted to refer to the fact that I have access to legendary items too quickly (yet the shield of the knight lvl 6 looks too cool)


Hey I have an issue I am playing as the ascendancy and I made a stone melee training dummy and I have a footman but it won’t let me place the dummy down. Thanks I am having lots of fun on ACE


I just had an idea about the legendary items, and if when choosing the person with whom to remake a new game, we had to cross all the biomes to unlock the knowledge and return to the original biome to unlock the weapons , it allows to unlock a new secret map once the legendary items unlock (we can do the same for the other 2 statues) after … yes I have an imagination overflowing … xp


I would have liked that the banner 3 is the banner 1 precisely (yes I am maniac)


release-947 (x64)[M]

…ctions/conversation/conversation_initiate_action.lua:50: attempt to compare nil with number

stack traceback: [C]: ? …ctions/conversation/conversation_initiate_action.lua:50: in function ‘_on_social_attr_changed’ …ctions/conversation/conversation_initiate_action.lua:16: in function <…ctions/conversation/conversation_initiate_action.lua:10> [C]: in function ‘start_thinking’ stonehearth/services/server/tasks/task_action.lua:102: in function ‘_start_stop_thinking’ stonehearth/services/server/tasks/task_action.lua:175: in function <stonehearth/services/server/tasks/task_action.lua:174> [C]: ? [C]: in function ‘trigger’ radiant/modules/events.lua:63: in function ‘_update’ radiant/server.lua:67: in function <radiant/server.lua:64>

That’s the conversation initiation error log I wrote about.


nice work guys


Did you start a new game with ACE, or enable it on an existing save? Did you promote the footman while ACE was active, or perhaps re-embark with someone who was already a footman? Does it say “0/0” dummies placed, or do you already have a different kind of dummy placed down?


It said that 0/0 training dummy


Hey! Thanks for the extensive feedback :merry:

I’m not sure what you mean - but every set is complete now. So there is an iron set with armor, shield and helmet (and weapons) and a steel set with the same. So maybe you just missed that!

There is a sword for the knight on its final tier, called “Silver Short Sword”; All Knight swords are short, and Footman swords are long.

We didn’t really change the speed of progression in that sense, and not planning to tweak it like that either. It’s nice to want it to be longer but maybe you could try Hard mode or a mod to make it longer :slight_smile:

Irrigation is available since the start, you just need to get water close to your farms by digging (or making your farms close to water) We have plans to add tutorials/friendly strangers that will give you advice on things, etc.

Yep, some of us do like the idea of a personal relationships mod (I do!) but we feel it doesn’t really fit the spirit of Stonehearth and ACE due to all the implications it brings (will it include negative feelings? How will it treat gender and other things, cultural/social aspects, etc?). So the simple chatting/friendly mechanic already in feels enough. Would be an awesome standalone mod, though!

That sounds like a fun idea, actually. Could think of something!

Abacus? Are you using any other mods? Anyway, the issue is fixed for the next release!

It is highly recommended that you start a new game for ACE :slight_smile:

Like Paul asked, did you start this game before ACE? If so, try promoting a new Footman :slight_smile: