Accumulated Networth

So, was just moving forward with my village. Up to 10 people now. Villagers happy. 3 fully armed soldiers. All looks dandy in the world, and then…then everything went wrong, apparently when you have 10 houses, carpets for all of them, flags, comfy chairs and beds to furnish them, “walls” that I built just using wall segments, you accumulate ALOT of networth. How much you might ask? almost 14k, now I really didn’t realize just how bad of an idea having 14k networth and only 3 soldiers was. I soon found out…as 20 armed goblins pillaged and killed everyone and everything. So, be careful as you grow your town folks! D:


Not sure that’s what causes it… i’ve got one village with 15 villagers and about 18k networth. Only 5 goblins total (2 at a time at the highest) have raided me.

I have another town with about 3-4k networth and 8 villagers… raided by 8-10 goblins and only left 1 of my guys left alive.

But from what i understand, that is suppose to be the reason more and more goblins attack eventually… it’s just not figured out quite yet. :slight_smile:

I was like la di da di da building away in total bliss…and then those 20 goblins showed up and just completely wiped me out lol

I had a similar experience when I was watching a bugged raccoon set off a trap, walk through it, and then trigger another one. As this was happening ten armed goblins were slaughtering my men (there was music playing so I never even heard the deaths).


Is anyone working on a Mod that changes the goblin raids to elf raids? I see elves as much worse than goblins and more likely to raid you. Goblins get enough flakk :frowning: