About level 1 Trapper's title and etc

Plese repair this problem in “en.json”.

line 6241-6242:level1 Trapper isn’t “Journeyman Trapper”
“Journeyman Trapper” is level 6 trapper’s title?
(“en.json” and referd code)

I want to unify “Mason Pedestal” or “Mason’s Pedestal”.
line 5873:"Mason Pedestal"
line 5975:“Mason’s Pedestal”

I want to unify “Blacksmith’s Forge”.
line 5872:"Forge"
line 5292:“Blacksmith’s Forge”

I was around and missionary friends, coincidentally a game magazine writer in it, and introduced StoneHearth!

good catches!

i believe @yshan is the one for this…


Will it not be found on the developer because Bug Reports tag is not attached to this topic?

Plese repair this problem in “rayyas_children:locales/en.json”.

line 30:“Golden Guord Curry” -> “Golden Gourd Curry”

well since i paged Yang she should get a notification, but i put it under bugs anyways.

Thank you for assist.

I have no idea what’s written in that article, but that sure gives @Avairian a reason to hurry up on his mod!