[A7] Cascading Error problem

I have a window with 962 errors and climbing rapidly. When I close the window, all the errors come back and continue to climb. What can I do about it?

I’d tell you what the original error was that started it all off (since that’s about all I can see) but the text is so small I can’t read it.

Do I just save, close the game and start up again?

Never mind. The game finally crashed. The last number of errors I saw was above 2,000.

thanks for the report … was it the same error repeated over and over? you don’t recall what may have led up to the error?

if it happens, try to grab a screenshot… :+1:

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Can you tell me where I can find the logs? I might be able to read and post them, then.

There was a first error, then another type of error that repeated about six times, and after that it was a third type of error that continued until it crashed the game. If there was another kind of error after about 47 or so, I couldn’t see it because it was off the bottom of my screen.
Suggestion: scrollbar for the error message window. Just a thought. :smile:

if you’re running the Steam client, you can find the main log here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\Stonehearth\stonehearth.log

Okay, the first was a LUA script error:
stonehearth/jobs/footman/footman.luac:2: attempt to index field ‘_entity’ (a nil value)

Aaaaaand I don’t know how to read this thing properly.

And I can’t upload the log file because the original text is 4 megs, and zipped files aren’t an accepted format for uploading.

Oh, and I figured out what my next step is, so I don’t have to ask for it after all. :smile: