A23 Vaiable Qualiy?

Could a dev describe the intent of the variable quality in crafter_component.lua? Is this to replace the fine or was this always in the code and I simply missed it? I see in the constants it will directly effect cost and appeal.

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Fairly certain it is new; I keep a copy of the previous build to compare/contrast when updating to a new one. (I can share my reserve copy of A22.5 with you if you’d like it for that purpose)

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LOL thanks. Not sure I’ll need it I can simply grab it but again thank you for offering your reserve select copy :wink:

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That being said, I’ll be lurking and watching for a more useful response than my own; I noticed the viable quality as well and have been curious about it.

proceeds to lurk in the shadows…from within her nest of warm blankets

I do appreciate the lurking. :smiley:

I’m not sure what the final idea will be, but right now it creates items with different tiers. They have a little jewel image in their icons. Spam a few items with a lvl 6 crafter and some of them will be high quality. Those have more appeal and worth more too like you said.

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Ah yes I have seen that thanks.

Item quality is also related to appeal. High level crafters can create fine and excellent items (which will have those gems in their icons), you can check their perks to find out when this is unlocked.

The higher quality items will have the same appearance as the normal items, but have a little more appeal and they will sell at a higher price.

The crafters have some chance of crafting these higher quality items, but they’ll still craft normal items. The variable quality you’ve seen in the file is because we don’t want all the items to have the chance to be crafted with higher quality, because we’d like them to behave differently in the future in relation to quality (for example, one would expect fine bandages to heal more, or fine food to refill more calories, so we excluded those for item quality to prevent confusion for the time being). If you check the perks of each of the crafters they have notes about which items are excluded. Resources can’t be obtained with higher quality, either.

Sometimes shops will also sell fine items to you along their normal version (but not excellent items). But the probability for them is quite low.