What bugs me most at the moment and a suggestion to fix it

I did address this some time ago but I think this really needs a “revisit”

I think it is all the same by everyone of you, that your Inventory looks like this:

up to three or five different qualities of one item and with xy different items in one category it becomes very confusing.
Maybe you do not have the same problem as me but there are still too many items.

I do not dislike the quallity grades but if you build or want to place an item it bugs me.

But I have two ideas to “fix” this problem(from my point of view).

  1. When the crafter reaches level three and later six she or he will only craft the better quallity grades of those items.

  2. You can select to place only the best available items, which would roughly like this

    As you can see in the “place item” window, when “use only the best quallity” is selected, you will see only the best available quallity of an item.
    But at the same time in the sell window every item will be shown.

This is only a rough idea which could use a lot of fine tuning but it should give you an insight of what I want to tell(suggest) you.

@sdee ? Maybe a possible idea ? Or what do you devs think about the item flood ?


Hmmm, I think I’d rather have a collapsible system to save some space. For example if you had normal blue doors plus fine or EXTRA FINE blue doors in your inventory, in that place furniture screen there would be ONE standard blue door icon with a new indicator icon on it telling you that you have multiple types of blue door. Then once you clicked on the blue door, a drop down or slide out menu would appear showing you the three different doors and the number of them.


I haven’t experienced the problem (playing too little) but maybe if you only show one icon for each type of object (like @MajorFordson suggests) but the amounts are shown like “2 / 4 / 1” in white/blue/purple. Then you either have a drop down to select a specific quality or you click the number for the quality you want. Clicking the number might require too much precision though and if you have a lot of items the numbers might not fit in the space.


Interesting ideas I did not think about a “drop down” or similar system.

You beat me to it. After clicking door, @ cursor, a small slider window with different door quality opens. disappears when mouse leaves window, or a click outside window is made(worthy of options setting slot, so people can select their own preference?)