A23 R771 New lighting bug (error?)


The new lighting is pretty… pretty. But for some reason, the new effect doesn’t update (Read: Turn On or Off) until it’s on camera, unlike the old one.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait for a day/night transition.
  2. Move from one placed light to the next.

Expected Results:

When I move down in the video, I expect the lights to already be glowing.

Actual Results:

They aren’t.


Open the video, and start at 1:00

Edit: Never mind.

These new cubemitters take a little to shine because the particle’s life is longer.
But regarding lights, I see them in the ground in your video for all of them. And it might also depend on your graphic settings (max number of lights).

My max number of lights… is the max. 250.

What I mean is that for the old lights, I could be up at the mine when night hits, and the cubemitters start emitting everywhere, regardless of whether it’s on camera.

Now the cubemitters don’t start until it’s visible on screen, and then it takes the normal amount of time to ramp up.

I know the actual light that it produces is always there.