Questions to Animatedlight and cubemitters

I’m into cubemitters and animatedlights. I created some decoration and did the cubemitters for effects and animatedlights for my new lightsources
The lights are in the objects so the surface of the object is dark except the direction where the light source is placed.

Is it possible (like cubemitters) to have an emitting surface like a cube ?
That would be the solution, because my object would be surrounded by the ligh source. And hopefully it would emit light to the inside :grinning:

What surface are possible for cubemitters and lights ?
I know point and rectangle.

If i want a spherical effect can i have that easily or must i work with emission and 360 rotation of cubes ?

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I think these are the only two possible shapes for the emitters (you can move and rotate their position in the effect file, same for lights).

Lights fall to the ground in a circle / spherical shape.

Cubemitters are always cube particles, we don’t support other shapes for them. You can try to get circular shapes, see the cleric’s healing effects. I think there’s one that spawns a circle of particles that grows bigger over time.
You can also get effects like the dust poof one, which is kind of spherical, with the point emitter.

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