Is there an easy way to preview particle effects applied to an entity?

Im trying to make my own quick and dirty version of a firebox for a fireplace that will fit into a basic block construction.

I want to use the ember effects used on the forge and combine it with a small fire used from the stone brazier, but I rather not have to trial and error the placement of the effects on the x,y,z and rx,ry,rz axes.

Is there a quick way to view the placement of these particle effects without having to fire up the game over and over?


Not that I am aware of. Are you using Microworld to make launching the game much quicker?

I am not, Ill look into that.

Let me know if you run into any issues. Microworld is essentially a tiny world that’s generated from a script you can customize. By default it looks like this (launches in under 5 seconds):

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You can create a microworld and place an entity that has the effect attached to it. If you set "enable_renderer_file_watcher" : true in your user_settings.json (should be on the same indentation level as “enable_analytics”), it will automatically update changes made in .cubemitter files (as you save the file). Change in the other effect.json files will require you to reload the microworld though.

I would also recommend using SHED if you are editting cubemitter or animatedlight files, as it gives you a template to work with. It’s under the Effects Editor tab page.

Let me know if you have any questions!

  • Linda

Thanks for the heads up on SHED, so far Ive been successful in editing the cubemitter files as far as positioning and size and made a neat little fireplace inlay. It was mostly easy for me in just working with the matrices mostly due to my experience with webgl and opengl.

Looking into possibly other types of cubemitters based on other effects that I might want to do and I will definitely use SHED for that. And thanks for the tips for the quick testing with Microworld @jomaxro and @linda .

I cant wait to see what you guys do with triggers for story arcs and possibly terrain changes. And cant wait to see questing and party based mechanics. I have a story I want to tell with a mod that I was originally creating for Skyrim, but time got in the way and the Dragonborn DLC for that game dropped. So I am hoping to bring that story of Old Eldritch horror, forbidden knowledge, and personal ambition to your game in my own mod.

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