[A22.5] [MOD] Follow Cam Remembers!

The most convenient mod you never knew you wanted!

Obviously, the follow cam is 100%, without a doubt, the best tool in ALL of Stonehearth. We all know this fact. We also know that it has one little teensy problem that makes it COMPLETELY UNUSABLE: If you aren’t currently selecting a hearthling, Follow Cam doesn’t activate! What the heck! Well, fret no longer, because I have saved everyone from pain and misery:

Follow Cam Remembers Mod!

Two little hyper efficient files will allow you to automatically jump to the last hearthling (or pet) you followed – assuming you haven’t gotten them killed – saving you valuable time, and possibly acting as a useful waypoint (but only if you’re a pro)! How it works: Whenever you hit J, if you aern’t selecting something that can be follow-cam’ed, then it will go back to the last thing it did successfully follow.

Download: follow_cam_remembers.smod - Google Drive

Author’s Note to Team Radiant: My hope is that this functionality is added to the base game, so my mod won’t have to do it for us. Radiant has my full consent to use this code to add or modify it to Stonehearth Base as they see fit. Of course, if they do, I’d love to talk about its performance and how the code can do better. :wink: (Now back to edge-of-screen-panning fun).

Found a bug? Got questions about the mod, how it works, or modding in general? Speak up! I’d love to talk about this stuff!