Animal Follow Cam

The J follow cam doesn’t work on pets. This is a completely game-breaking bug, and I hope it is fixed immediately.



My god, this is unacceptable! Who was it that made it? Was it @Brackhar ?
Oh, found the person! It was @jamiltron ! (Sorry Richard…)


I think it should be the key f just to show some respect.

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The initial design for the follow camera was to only follow Hearthlings, but we could certainly revisit it and have it follow pets.


Maybe enable it to anything that can move? :wink:

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That is certainly possible, but there are several edge cases that get a bit tricky when it goes beyond just your Hearthlings. When we decided to limit it just to your Hearthlings, it was so we could get this feature into players hands and get feedback like this quicker.

I’ll definitely be thinking about the follow cam (and the other cameras) as I go along.

Thanks for the feedback!