A18 settlers getting trapping themselves inside buildings

Whilst building a simple castle, settlers tended to get themselves trapped inside the 5x wide walls during construction, with no way out besides demolishing the entire wall section. Does not occur every time, but has happened on multiple occasions on multiple different saves.
Steps to reproduce:
1)build walls atleast 3 blocks wide
2) settlers will occasionally build themselves inside the walls
3)let them die or demolish the wall

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18
System Information:

just to mention something that may or may not be related (last seen in a17)
I’ve noticed that there are some cases where hearthlings are teleported into stuck places.

I always play stonehearth building stone hearths. One previous design is a fireplace hooked up to a chimney with a real vertical cavity but should be inaccessible to hearthlings since the fireplace hole and the chimney hole is too small. And I’ve explicitly checked that nobody is trapped in that place.

However, every now and then, my hearblist (and for some reason, ONLY my herbalist) will announce a low heath (starving) warning, and I found him trap in the hole. I’ve teleported him out using debug command (along with potions left at the same spot) but after a while, he will be found there again (not sure what caused it in-between. could be reload/restart too.). If this isn’t an alpha game, it would feel really creepy.

This has simply made me change all my building designs to make sure that there are no inaccessible cavities which can fit a hearthling. (e.g. cavity behind fireplace accessible by a ladder from the chimney.) I simply worked around it though, so have no idea whether that problem still exists. Just pointing this out as trapped hearthlings may not be caused “legitimately”.

@sphr well stop being a terrible leader and your villagers wont try to kill themselves! lol joke

@RokerJuuDyne lol, if anything, this game doesn’t give enough options to kill hearthlings atm. kill by enemy, kill by starvation… too little variation. Does drowning even work?

I look forward to the day I can build a functional “noble room” in stonehearth.

(insert sinister smile)