A17 Building Designer Suggestions

For those of us who can’t reliably always participate in the weekly dev streams, I thought I’d start a thread for folks to supply their suggestions for building designer work being done in A17. Feel free to add your own ideas as a reply.

I’ll start. :slight_smile:

I was catching up on the recent post-A16 streams, and @sdee’s recent discussion about how to handle fine vs regular items when implementing an auto-build item queue.

The idea on the stream was to have crafters eventually unlock the fine item recipe after making the regular item enough times. While I like that idea, I also think that simply allowing for existing items to be upgraded in-place would help solve this by making it less important to need to define the use of fine items at build time. Once a fine recipe is unlocked, simply going back and upgrading the items on the building is not only gratifying as an accomplishment, but it makes the need to include fine items in the building designer less of a priority.

To help the UI a bit, you can also possibly separate out auto-build queue regular items from “special items” that are pulled from inventory.



I would love for scaffolting no longer being an issue on 1 high blocks when it becomes time to remove, it really limits building designs


Did they say anything about solutions for roofing issues when you have multiple roof location on the same level.

like the picture I posted here.


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It would be nice if they fixed this.

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They are working on it.


I’d prefer if the building designer would allow roofs to be edited after being added to the design. Examples include being able to erase sections of the battlement roof style, cut access holes in roofs of all styles, etc.

I’d also like to be able to adjust the height of a building’s walls, on a per-floor basis. Right now, you can only adjust the height of a roof’s slope.

I’d also like to be able to place slab blocks on any part of a building. There are currently a few restrictions which make customizations tricky/clunky.


unless i misunderstood your request, you already can adjust the wall height,

though it’s current name doesn’t really suggest it, that’s what the “roof offset” button does, it also might not be on a per-floor basis…


Ahhhh… okay. Good to know what that means.

If that’s what it’s supposed to do, then I must just see some odd behaviors when trying to use it. I think I stopped thinking of that feature as available for use because of how unpredictable it can be. So much so that I wasn’t ever sure what it’s true intended purpose was. Thanks for the heads up.

But I think the offset in the roof menu only changes the hight off the wall of the top floor. If one has a two floor building then there is no way at the moment to change the hight of the bottom floor walls…is it?


I think you are corret

Talking about roofing, I haven’t found a good way to get auto-generated roofs on two or three story buildings, even when they have relatively simple designs. All the roof tops in this screenshot were designed by hand, as I’m unaware of a good way to get the roofing tool to actually place them successfully.

I’m 100% down with this. I know it would require some new groundwork but I was picturing something like the current potion system. There’s a swap button on a piece of furniture and when you select it you get all the other furnitures in that category.

So you click a chair and beside the remove and move buttons there’s a replace button - after clicking it you pull up an inventory of all chairs - fine, cathedral, etc. This would mean that categories may need to be more granular as not to cause conflicts with the dimenions of the replacements.

The job to be assigned woud be to grab the replacement, carry it to the placed position, then swap the held for the placed. This may take some extra work too as I don’t know how the held item component really works with heathlings.

I like the idea of unlocking recipes more than the current system. If not through repetition than by skill books or what have you. That said, your suggestion sounds very smart and probably worth the trouble to implement.