[A17] Balcony support is separate buildings?

The pillars aren’t built but the game says it’s done.
Also during the building of the house the game uses ALOT of scaffolding, so much it takes my hearthlings 2-3 days just to remove the scaffolding.

Alpha 17 build 3000 x64

two stories with herbalist.zip (12.1 KB)

Hm… does the game view these pillars as seperate building? Try clicking on them and see if you can build, if you haven’t already…

hmm, yes they did… is it because I built them from the ground and up instead of from the “balcony” and down?

But they only built 1 block not all of them to the top.

My bad, building vision was on remove front walls.

So is the pillar a separate building then? (IE can I mark this as not a bug? XD)

I think that what the problem is, is they they are marked as being separate buildings, but he doesn’t want them to be, he wants them to be a part of the first building.


If I’m Designing a Custom building I expect everything I build to be a part of that building until I press build or save.
Not that I start three or four different buildings.

Also if you were to build the pillar down for the balcony it would set each block of the pillar as a separate building not apart of the balcony, I’d say that is the bug, that the building editor won’t connect something to the building if it is only attached to the underside of a block.

There is a workaround if you put a road out from the side of the building to where you want the pillars the road will attach to the building and then the pillars will attach to the building, but then you can’t have grass under your balcony but you could have a patio :smile:

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Building Under Things with Slab

Noticed today when i was building a Windmill for todays YouTube video that game loves to create seperate building when building slab under other slabs which is really annoying if you wanna make an entire building and also to save it as a template.

It also added sometimes blocks that i could not delete.
These blocks seems to get removed from save / restart / load game tho but still separate buildings

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A17 Release 566
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