Building not building on alpha 15

Any building with balcony hardly build. There are some exceptions. But balconys break upper flors building
Steps to reproduce:

  1. put a balcony on second floor
  2. third floor never build

Expected Results:
cool house
Actual Results:
cool ruins


Version Number and Mods in use:
no mods, 15 alpha (latest)
System Information:

I have to say i’ve got the same problem here. Also a building with balcony won’t build.

Any idea why? for example do they put up scafolting or not? Can they get to the second floor to use a balcony door for example.

they can use the balcony, but they usually dont build anything around it

if you place a ladder out side next to the balcony will that fix it?

i got the same problem, i could solve it ingame. they stop with the balcony to build leaders by there own, so i had to build them, after they finished so the wall (i had to fix the leaders many times) they build the roof and finished the building.
you need for every 3 blocks one leader. O-Leader-O-O-Leader-O …

Can u screenshot it and post. They put in a new building system. so the hearthling are breaking down the building in sections.

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