[A15] Springourd

Welcome to the island town of Springgourd, aptly named for its abundance of springs! Of which… there are none.

Springourd island houses the finest crafters for miles in all directions, mainly because there are no other crafters for miles in any direction, but they take pride it in anyway.

A large wooden bridge spans across the lake to the mainland where the village has set up a small trading post, their customers so far? Lots of goblins and some indigenous wildlife. The bridge itself is still a bit wobbly… supports are planned in the near future.

Their lovely cook toils away through the night, preparing meals for the coming day. Just don’t insult her cooking… (the red head will come out!)

The residential area, where residenting happens of course.

The island isn’t the most resource rich place to be, so a deep mine is necessary to find the stones and ores to fuel the more complicated crafts.

Exhibit A: where said above crafts are crafted.

And finally, what’s the use of having such a lovely place to live and nothing to keep the… unwanteds… out? A military checkpoint waits for those who come to viist the island.

Current Population: 22
Deaths: 0;
Item Count: ~1400/3300
Net Worth: 10700

Windows 10
16 Gigs of Ram
Nvidia 960m


@Solus, great images! I have to say, though, that I enjoyed reading your captions a teeny bit more than I did looking at the images (which are still great…). It seems you put just as much effort into writing cute, funny captions as you did making the amazing village…awesome work!


Haha, thanks @jomaxro. I can’t keep up with the mega builders on the discourse, so captions get more attention :stuck_out_tongue:


Your walls look like wallpaper :grin:
If I can make one suggestion: did you try to put a stone door instead of the wooden double door?