A zone around the fire where stuff could catch

so as the game stands right now, you could build a house around your fire and enclose it, and nothing would happen, my suggestion is that around the fire is a ‘fire probability’ zone, which basically means the closer you are to the fire, the more likely your house will burn, this doesnt have to be a large area, but the basic idea is to have a sort of ‘courtyard’ where the fire is and where your peeps can mingle and chat, thoughts?

I have another suggestion. Two types of Fire Pits. One could be like a starter, default one, where it’s basically just a pile of sticks and logs in one pile, and the other one would be a more, advanced one, which is the one we have now, which is a Fire Pit surrounded with stones. The starter and default Fire Pit could have a much larger Fire Probability, and provide less light than the more advanced Fire Pit.

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I’m not sure where but Radiant has expressed their desire to make the fire pit and flag on item, the Stonehearth, that would be upgradeable as your town grew. Havn’t heard much more about this. maybe @sdee, @Albert, @Ponder, @Tom or any of the other members of the team could expand upon that.


Well that IS the point of all those stones around the fire - to stop it spreading :wink: .

Anyway, I imagine we’ll see various things for pyromaniacs to indulge in at some point, but I imagine it’ll be a while yet simply because of how much other stuff has higher priority right now.

Aside from @Avairian’s post, it’s a sandbox game, so I’m sure we’ll see plenty of stuff like this. Hearth as holy icon on a hill, anyone? Hearth as the mayor’s private fire? Hearth as a signal fire in a tower?

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Fire is an important aspect to manage if we expect/want unintended chain-reaction disasters in the game. But obviously, every fire needs a spark…

I expect that fireplaces/hearths that reduce the risk of spontaneous fire could be added, but the rules around how and when things catch fire ought to be laid down. I would suggest that fires only really get out of hand when the villagers are negligent, so that it feels like their fault and/or the players’ for not paying attention. For example, a stray stack of linen catches fire. With a villager on hand, there’s some panic and stomping and a rush for a bucket of water; without one, a whole house might burn down.