A Very Starry Bug

Entire World Disappears When Writing Desk is Nailed to Wall:

Summary: Placed a blueprint of a regular lantern that was available in the stockpile, onto an already built wall in a building that was not complete. The worker nailed a writing desk to the wall where the lantern was supposed to go. The blueprint stayed, as well as the desk. Tried to order the desk removed - all workers ignored order. After zooming out, environment had disappeared to maybe 10 or more spaces below any structures I had built. (Perhaps this was take-off?) Closed game and loaded save. Now entire environment is gone, and left with only a starry backdrop to built structures/roads. Neat!

Also it appears they finished building the lantern inside the desk while I was writing this.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. I wish I knew.

Expected Results: Worker would nail lantern to wall, game would continue normally, would not blast off into space.

Actual Results: Writing desk nailed to wall. Entire environment gone.

Notes: The workers inside the house can leave the house and disappear once they leave the road. They are all still visible in the citizen screen. The only other commands I had (aside from auto-queue) was to build saplings, and some had already built.


Version Number and Mods in use: 13, no mods; release 489 (x64)

System Information:

Press X (shortcut). You are in the X-ray mode :slight_smile:

Do you see those 3 icons on the bottom right? Each one has a different vision. The X-ray (third icon) will hide everything except the blocks that you changed, That’s why you are only seeing the house and roads.

Oh, and the desk was put up there because they couldn’t fit it into the right place where the ladder was, and the item simple “climbed” it to the top. That’s an error with the A.I., which should have waited for the ladder to be removed in that case before putting the desk.
Try to add another ladder at on side of the desk, so they can reach it (they can with the old ladder, but just in case they are ignoring it), then ask for the desk to be removed, that should work.


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Hey @Glassfire, can you confirm if this was fixed by disabling x-ray mode?

This bug seems related to this other one:

(A post was merged into an existing topic:) Visual error when placing tables/chairs, preview overlaps

Marking #not_a_bug. If @Glassfire has more information, will gladly move back to #support:bug-reports