Visual error when placing tables/chairs, preview overlaps

Visual error when placing tables/chairs
When placing tables, then switching to placing chairs, they both overlap in the placement preview

Steps to reproduce:

  1. place stone table
  2. select stone chair
  3. try to place stone chair

Expected Results:
only the chair placement preview should be visible

Actual Results:
chair and table overlap in the preview



Versions and Mods:
release-489 from steam

System Information:

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Actually no. As long as the table or the chair is not placed, the previews are on each other. But when the chair or the table will be placed, the second will be on the first one.
Tilt me if I’m wrong.


I think you misunderstood my description:

The left instance where the overlap happens is a location where no table is actually placed, the overlapping of chair/table move around with the preview on the mouse. It’s not really possible to see in the screenshot but neither the chair nor the table on the left are “placed”, meaning that if i close the item placement menu, both disappear. (Does this make more sense?)

As soon as i place the chair, the overlapping table disappears and only the (now placed) chair is visible. Also after placing the selected item, the preview displays correctly for the following item to be placed.

If there are still misunderstandings, i can make a video/gif of the situation.

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If I summarize : you place the table then the chair on the same spot. This makes the two previews on each other. Then the chair is finally placed and the table overview disappears. Am I good ?

Not quite, i place the right table first, then i select “chair” from the menu and move my mouse around.
on the preview attached on the mouse, i now see chair/table overlapped wherever i move the mouse.

Oh, so you want to place a chair near the right table but the table preview sticks on your chair preview ?

correct this is the case

Alright, that seems an unknown bug for now.
@Relyss may find a solution ?

I have only seen this happen with the debug tools. :confused:

Not sure how is this happening in game.

Are you able to reproduce it consistently, @exitheone?

BTW, welcome to the Discourse :smile:

I have this happen all the time with the shadow of the previous selection still there as well as the new furniture/decoration selection.



I’m not sure who to page for checking this out. Maybe @yshan.

(this is off topic, but that is the coolest road ive ever seen)


It is indeed a very cool road…

i had the same issue when trying to place items in the world with the place item button (arrow pointing down)
if you stay the place item window and cycle thru the different items to place it seems it merges the previous items graphics with your current selected item.

example select a bed to place int he menu. place a few then go select a lantern you will get a merged item of a bed and an lantern it tries to place
i found reselecting the lantern again removes the bed art and then it works great
Its like a buffer is not cleared when selecting something new in this menu place item menu

Not disagreeing that this is a bug, but as a possible workaround you might want to try right clicking in the world (outside of the item selector) to clear the item you originally selected before selecting the next item…

in dev 2797, it definitly happen if:

  1. you place an object and don`t click anything else.
  2. wait till one worker placed it.
  3. select an other item from the list
  4. the new object place preview has both objects, the new and the old one.

note: it seens to work with every kind of placed object

Same here, A14 D2797, Place a stone bench, select bird bath from the same UI and try to place it next to the stone bench – overlap occurs:

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Tony said on his last stream that this is a stacking problem. Probably the first tool should be cancelled when we select the second tool (in this case, the items). Also heard some things about objects that can be stacked on top of other objects but that it must be checked before they’re actually placed… (I might be wrong about this last one).


until an actual fix is made, to stop this from happening you can right click before clicking on the next thing you want to place.