A setting for more frequent enemy spawns

Hard mode is all fun and games, but sometimes my army of bloodthirsty warriors want more!

I suggest that there be a new option when starting new games, which when set to minimum, enemies would spawn infrequently, while setting it to the maximum would potentially ensure a constant onslaught of enemies, giving enough job for the warriors to not die of boredom.

Even if it’s not as flexible as a bar, a couple setting points would be handy - whether it’s just “when you’d spawn one attack, run through the random-encounter-picker and spawn another soon after as well” or adding addition offset activations (ie if you normal run the ‘spawn encounter’ twice a day, a setting to have it also do that offset by (24 hours/num_attacks * 1/2 period = X hour phase) 6 hours, so you get 4 spaced-out attacks instead).

Something discrete/radio-button-y rather than continuum might be easier to implement (less funky scaling to worry about), but might help get closer to the same desired gameplay.

(when I’m feeling pro-combat, I’ve found early game it often really feels like you’re ‘waiting’ for enemies to arrive. From a more ‘normal’/settlement/buffet/optimization point of view this is very valuable, as it lets you get on your feet and then start dealing with the challenges. But when you want to start out brawling, some option for a few more encounters rather than the typical 1-per-day of the early era would be nice.

(late game, the frequency is plenty to keep occupied with in my experience - whether it just takes so long to kill the mobs, or it takes long enough to recover/heal/sleep/travel your fighters, the military has relatively little downtime. Others might still want more combat then, but for me, the main appeal of this is optionally in the early game)