A minor suggestion for hauling loot items

Right now we can do some minor micromanaging with the therapist system by turning on/off Haul, Build, Mine and Job. This is good in that there is not too much micromanagement involved which I think is best for this game. Too many options will lead to a lot of min/maxing and would be detrimental to the feel of Stonehearth (IMO). However there is one more option I would like to see. Looting, as in hauling items from monster drops to our storage.

Monster loot seems to be pretty far down the list of Hearthling’s interests, and to make things a little bit worse a lot of times mob camps spawn far away from a settlement. There has been a few times when I have had items for the township fountains or the broken flute for the windchime on the ground in the wilderness somewhere, selected to be looted, but ignored. This can be a little bit frustrating when I have all the other requirements in order to craft the items and the last ingredient I need isn’t getting looted.

An option to make workers haul loot so that you can make at least one of them focus on that when needed would be very helpful.


IMO the only problem…

I had the same problem with the broken flut and other valuable items, just annoying :frowning:

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Dondon the chiefworker in my town needs a solution to this problem…