A Game Crashing Bug in Alpha 16-Town Journal

OK, so I’m looking at the Town Journal, and I see “Day 1 of Deepmum, 1000” at the bottom with 2 arrows next to it. I click on the on on the left, assuming that the page will flip. The game lags a little. Then it freezes. But then I click on the arrow pointing right. The game freezes again, then randomly closes.

And it was bad for me. I just got my 13 Hearthling, and I was building a new Shared Sleeping Quarters!

Can this be fixed ASAP?!?!?

~WaterMagic :slight_smile:

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I have not had this issue before.
Can you upload your stonehearth.log file. it may show what processed triggered the error.

things that could also be useful for developers to troubleshoot this would include.
-system specs
-version number
-savegame file

  • and if you are running any mods

edited: Also were you able to recover the game by restarting? Or is it crashing every time you try to restart it?

I hope this helps

You can also drag the pages :smiley:

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I have noticed a big discrepancy with the dates of the in-game calendar (besides the Javascript localization issue with the time tooltip I mentioned to @yshan). Perhaps it could be related to this bug? (I’m still on r553, though).

I start the game:

I place a stockpile and go to promote the carpenter:

As you can see, neither the day nor the month match. And “Day 0” is yet another bug.