A Family Lineage Trait Inheritance System

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First I would want the starting settlers a chance to be together of related (married,siblings) but you would not know until the game starts. The trait system itself is not new but to expand it with not just more but a rarity and special system. What if traits were harder or easier to get depending on the person. For example a warrior got the ‘skilled swordsmen’ trait after 3 battles while another got it in 6.

Some will be harder to come across then others and depending on the person not possible either because they have traits that disallow it or the ability of the person is to low. If the ability to use magic is only a inherited one the magic tree could be applied also
(eg. less mana for fire more for earth)

The family system is where it get fun. Not all traits from the father and mother will be known in other words a ‘hidden’ trait sub group. These can seen if you research it and a mage will a high enough skill can make them visible. With that breeding will become easier for better people.

Not every trait can be passed down, maybe some more can be in special people. All traits would have a blood rating (weak,moderate,strong) that would both effect how strong it is and the chances of it passed to the next generation. Families that mange to pass down a trait for several generations can create a ‘locked’ trait of that family (such as strong,natural mage,runner etc…) where the first born would always get it. This can be balanced so that only the first born would inherit and a locked trait would be rare.

More could be large or special event skills such as man of the hour or hero of (village name) that makes it more likely for traits to be acquired. A tab that shows a family tree would be helpful or even just nice. These traits could have levels of there own allowing a increase in the effect

That is a lot but it would be fun


Not to mention, they will actually be adding settler traits sometime! For example, gigantism, dwarfism, vegetarian, etc.!

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Those first two examples you said could be thought of blood ratings of strong

TR are not planning to add children by the time though this thing have been brought up by the community on multiple occations:

(It is brought up in this one two a bit farther down)