A different kind of armor?

I’m entirely sure this is possible but I’m not smart enough to figure it out. How can you create different types of armor? By that I mean, currently the game only uses “Mainhand, Offhand, and Torso”. Can I create a separate section for things such as: Boots, Gloves, Amulet, etc.

I have a different question but still about equipment.

It could be the way I’m making or some weird values I put. But for some reason, let’s say I made a sword for the Footman, the Crafter will create it and put it into the stockpile. The Footman will ignore it. Not until I re-promote him into a Footman will he equip the sword (Footman>Worker>Footman).

Kind of the same thing for Worker equips. I made an “offhand” for the “worker_job”. This sounds like it can work in theory, it almost does. Except, like before the Carpenter makes it and puts it into stockpile. None of the 5 workers try to use it until about 2-3 minutes later someone does finally go and equip it.

I’ll rewrite the code (I’m still learning so it helps). And until then, my question is: What is going on?