Armor and Weapon "roles" Field

How would I go about defining multiple jobs that can use a piece? For instance: I have an armor that I want anyone to be able to wear (even workers) yet is super low priority. How would I define this, is it retroactive, so if I say a piece is “worker_job,” will footmen also want to wear it?

I havn’t touched the game files in awhile, but “worker_job” should allow workers to wear it. You would have to put each individual class in there to have everyone wear it. Though this could have changed with the new combat updates.

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You can leave the roles field blank, I believe. Like just don’t even have it in the json and then everyone can wear it.
Low priority is determined by the ilevel field
if you set ilevel to 0 or 1, it will have lower priority.
If you want a piece useable by worker and footmen, then do

“roles”: “worker_job footman_job”

Does that help?


Totally! I was trying to do something like:
“roles”: {
but I see now it works like the “tags” field :smile: