What "roles" are there?

Weapons, armor and some other stuff can have the “roles” tag.
But what roles are there? Is there a list?

There is no fix roles, anyone can create any role.
It is in the job descriptions. You set what roles the job has, and then only the items matching it can be used.

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I have feared that there is no list :frowning:

Thanks @BrunoSupremo

By the way, do you know if there is a way, to have an item with different roles and different level requirements for those roles?

roles alone is easy
"required_job_level": x,
“roles”: “job1 job2”

but I want that job1 can get the item at level 2 and job2 at level 4

Must I add
two times for each job and level? or do they override each other?

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You can add multiple roles for an item, but different levels based on different jobs I guess is not possible. One (bad) work around would be to have two items… I will take a look at this later.

Adding it twice dos not work. When a lua file is going to read the json, it will search for the key words (here the “stonehearth:equipment_piece”) and once one is found, it will read the info from it and ignore the other.

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Thought so … I will try some stuff but in the end it could be that I have to double the item.

Thank you @BrunoSupremo :merry:

Any changes in the possibilities to do this yet? :slightly_smiling_face: