Choosing Equipment and Equipment table?

Would be nice if somebody has some answers for me.

  1. How is equiment chosen ?
    is it first by slot and then by item level or are there other functions which can be used ?
    Problem: Im working on jewellery but if theres an amulet and a ring both occupying the “accessory” slot i can`t combine them, right ?

  2. How can i let items show up in the equipment screen of the hearthling ?
    Is it just showing armor and weaponry ?

I’m not sure (without looking) but you can create your own slots, meaning that the same hearthling can wear a lot of things at once.


For your case, try instead of using the word accessory, name the slot amulet when for amulets and ring for rings. This should work.

When a hearthling can equip two different items, both from the same slot, it will chose based on the ilevel of the item.

The ilevel for one of my equipments is just 1, like this:

  "stonehearth:equipment_piece": {
     "render_type": "merge_with_model",
     "slot": "helmet",
     "ilevel": 1,
     "required_job_level": 0,
     "roles": "footman_job",
     "equip_effect": "stonehearth:effects:weapon_level_up"

If they find one with ilevel higher than that, they will change the equipment.

Thanks to @BrunoSupremo
i tried that
its like you described it. You can name a slot whatever you like everything seems to be possible so my amulets are now amulet slot. First the game checks the requirements than the item level. If an item is higher in level the hearthling picks it up. If its the same slot it replaces the item which was in the slot and drops it.

So the first step for rings, amulets and inspector gadget things are made.
But another question:

"attach_to_bone" still possible or was it replaced by “merge_with_model”. Because rings should attach to a single finger. I think if they don`t attach to a finger bone they will not move with the finger.

I think the item can also be attached based on how its layers/matrix are named in the .qb. (name an item head to be attached to head?)
I only did a few hats that in code were basically a copy of existing hats.