A bunch of sugestions(magic first)

Hi i’m new here and here are som suggestions(this may look wierd because im writing this on my phone).


The dev team has already said that they wanted to make magic something very rare and hard to come by, other people want magic to be common and nothing super special. I have a idea that is a compromise between the two ideas.

1 A way to make mages invincible is to create a mana system. When wizard have used all his mana he becomes super weak. He becomes very slow and his hp goes down witch makes him a easy target for his enemies. The only way to get his mana back is to rest a long time(depending on how much mana he has left).

2 You should only be able to have one type of mage at the same time. You can’t just have 5 battle mages that could mess up anyone that comes close to your town, to fix this is only being able to have: 1 battle-mage 1 summoner etc. And you should have to make a choice a ice mage that could freze enemies and have spells that don’t cost as much mana or the fire mage that could destroy youre enemies quick and painfull(burning is problebly painfull), the necromancer that can raise the dead and make skeletons fight for you or the summoner that can create golems to build and fight(suggestions for mages and powers come later) these choices depends on your playstyle and should really change the dynamics of da game.

3 Ideas:
The fire mage.
Spells: firebolt, flames(flamethrower) and Wall of fire(enemies can walkthrou but will take damage)

Strenghs: Very offensiv, good against strong enemies,
Weakneses: easely killed, depletes mana quick.
Ice mage

Spells: Frezee(frezees enemies), ice floor(makes enemies fall and slow down Malung them an easy target for archers), wall of ice(creates a strong Wall.

Strenghts: suport unit, very good against many enemies( with some support)

Weakness: spells do little damage, bad against big enemies(titans ignore the spells effect)

The necromancer
Spells: Reanimate(reanimates fallen enemie/villager), turn undead(makes a skeleton fight for you for a period of time), dead hands(dead hands tries to take weaker enemies in a cirten area and pull them down)

Strenghs: hard to overrun, takes 60% less damage from undead.

Weaknes: if a stronger opponent is reanimated it may turn on its master depending on how strong it was in life.
No offensiv spells, slow.
The summoner
Spells: summon golem(max 2 that builds and fight), magick rune(if the magma builds a statue out of a rare material(later) the summoner can place a rune and it will come allive and kill enemies in a certain area) summon allie(teleoports selected villager)

Strenghts: High hp and defense(for being a mage), support

Weakness: no offensiv spells, golems are bad against hammers, takes recourses to summon golem, uses a lot of mana.

The druid
Spells lightning strike(summons lightning at a single enemy), tree allie ( makes selected tree alive that start attacking all enemies), harmony(enemies stops attacking)

Strengths: works in almost any situation. Animals wont attack him/her,
Faster mana regen when close to a tree.

Weaknes: harmony wont work against undead, low hp,
The healer
Spells: healing hand(heals villeger), hope(makes villegers work faster), magick shield(shields against magik)

Strenghts: a very supportiv unit, lots of mana, fast regen.

Weakness almost no protection, when out mana he/she faints, low hp

4 How to get these wizards? You have to get lets say a titans eye so you can get a fire wizard(the wizard have to work for some time to become one). And to get a necromancer you must first go to another dimension and kill a boss and take a staff that the soon to be necromancer must examine for sometime etc. This is it for this post im going to post some more when people respons.

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