Magic (an in depth look at how I feel it should be)(edits 1)

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So I feel that there are a two main aspects of magic that should be discussed and those are as follows.
A. knowledge magic- through hard study and alchemy and a belief that all magic can be learned very precise not as powerful magic is obtained.


B. Spiritual magic- a magic based on emotions in the belief that a Higher being grants this power, typically more powerful and less controlled.

Lets start with the spiritual magic which I believe should belong to Reyya’s children since they are diffidently very spiritual and since they are focused around clay and the earth I feel like they should use totems (a structure in the world that has an effect in a radius) or earth based spells such as:

Spells cast by the Geomancer:
Rock throw takes rocks from the Geomancer’s inventory and hurls them at an enemy. unlocked at level 1

AOE earth smash stuns everything in a radius(3x3) including a small chance of hearthlings that dont have the steady feet skill. unlocked at level 3

Steady feet skill Allows Hearthling to be immune to the earth smash stun. unlocked at level 4

Terraforming the ability to form the lands to your desires. unlocked at level 5

A Passive aura to increase growth rate for plants (for when they are patrolling your crops or even possibly to keep when you change their profession) unlocked at level 6

Golemancy pylon (name wip) Once every 3 days a level 6 Geomancer can come to this structure and summon a clay golem, using a fairly large amount of clay, as long as no golems are near by. The pylon acts as a “guard point” for the golem which it cannot leave without taking passive damage over time. Can be attacked by enemies.

Golem totem Has a small radius(5x5) and links two or more pylons together. the golems can travel and attack ant enemy in the system of connected pylons ant totems. Can be attacked by enemies.

Slowing totem Slows enemies movement and attack speed by 1/3 in a small radius(5x5). Can be attacked by enemies.

Secondarily The Ascendancy being more logic based would have the alchemical magic would focus on spells or perhaps runes (a structure in the world that has an effect in a radius) to make everything faster and more efficient



you would think that spiritual magic would belong to ascendancy actually… since they have a church and all so they must believe in some higher power right? whereas reyyas children are just desert traders who have strong trading networks.

Reyya’s children work with clay because of pottery which is often a highly valuable commodity in those regions and being traders of course they would want it.

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And this is why i need feedback, because It is easy to miss things like this. thank you, I will consider this.

Well i know for a fact terraforming will be apart of the Geo, Also i know for a fact they will be able to create Golems(that will work and defend). but the rest is unknown


I will work golems into this, thank you

From what I’ve read, I thought that Rayya’s Children were MORE spiritual than the Ascendancy, at least according to the lore in the game.

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Rayas Children clearly use fire magic, Ascendancy use water and the northern alliance seems like the wind faction. What all three schools have in common is the earth magic. But i guess in a computer simulated world magic can take any form or kind :slight_smile:

If anything I think every area should have their own type of magic.

Ascendancy; Geomancer. They do golem stuff and have a basic attack spell that summons some stone from the ground and shoots it at the enemy. Works well with their whole system effectively seeming the most “Advanced” of the three.
Reya’s Children; Wind/Fire manipulation, but it’s support mostly. Stuff like making units dodge more, enchanting their weapons temporarily to deal fire damage, etc.
Northern Alliance; Battle Mage. More offensive magic rather than summoning/support. The typical Fire/Ice/Electricity since they’re vikings.

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well the geomancer will be in all races obviously… to allow terrain manipulation… planting grass/dirt ect wouldnt really be fair if the other races wouldnt get terrain manipulation.

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I Have plans for this don’t worry

Added structures for Reyya’s children. still thinking about the rest of the things.