Towers and mages

It would be really cool to add in towers or gard post flags so that you could build a wall and put gard posts along it. It would also be awesome to see some wizard or mage added to the game.

I believe they will have some form of mage eventually. (Which would be awesome!) And for the guard tower/post you could create one unless there is a mechanic you wanted to add. Like passive armor boost or something

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The fact that we now have a cleric class is pretty much tacit admission there’s going to be other forms of magic.

I’m hopeful we’ll see more than just a generic mage. I’d eventually like to see conjurers, illusionists, and evokers. Maybe even diviners/oracles or druids.

Hey you can build towers and walls and place archers on top of them with the defend area command. The problem is that these archers are not in advantage because they can still recieve damage from kobold archers who are under the tower.