A bit smaller Settings menu

I noticed that If you have selected any of games crafters menu and then go to game menu and to settings you have blocked buttons for gameplay and sound and one other menu. See picture.

They can either move the menu up or move it to the front so it overlays everything.

Or they can make so that when you click game menu others menus go down.


hmm… this is odd, when you open the Esc menu all other UI’s should close, at least thats the case for me…


Which screensize do you use? I havent this issue?


But if you click on the sun…

sorry for my confusion, but you’re saying that its opening the Esc menu through the sun that doesnt close the other UI’s?

Yea thats the reson.

alright, thats probably because @yshan added it to the game not that long ago, so its bound to have some bugs with it.

Haha you got me there.
There are some issues where it doesn’t close all the existing menus before pulling up the esc menu, so you can get overlaps like that. I will file a bug for it and fix it in the next release.


Another weird bug is, when i open too many overlapping menus and click on the “wrong” menu i get into the esc/sun menu.
Or if i try to close the menus in the wrong order i also swap to sun menu.