ESC for the Menu and other ingame tabs

I am sure this will be implemented before the final build of the game. However, Since it is not in the game or anything similar to it I must suggest. ESC should bring up a basic menu for saving, exiting, graphics and controls. Nothing to fancy just the basics are needed for a game like this. Also, instead of having to select the carpenter bench have a building tab that has all the different utilities in it. Also a harvest or gather tab for setting a min for each resources.

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There is no ingame menu as such, this is because it is a alpha build, please stay seated as the devs will be releasing a update to cover this soon (hopefully anyway, I have no official word)

Well for now saving isn’t in the game, however is a top priority for them. I have no doubt that at some point soon we will see a menu screen implemented. Controls is probably not needed for now, as the menus label which hot keys do what, however you can do it all by clicking and you’re not going to be able to change hot keys for a while.

I know you said you had no official word, but please don’t say things like this then if you don’t actually know, it makes people expect things that aren’t actually promised :wink:

I’m pretty sure the devs said they were looking at in in the live-stream

He’s correct, they said in 3 days to be exact.

I watched the live stream and although there was mention of including it very soon, I don’t recall that time stamp?

It was towards the end, he said to expect it in 3 days.