[9.256x64] bad frame transition "stop" from "starting_thinking"




Hope that screenshot-steam-thing works for you…

Edit: Sorry, I totally forgot to mention how it occoured!!! Sorry!

Not reproducable for now, I will try again this afternoon.

How it occoured:
I was ignoring the goblin king … and when I then clicked it, 3 or 4 caravan messages and traders rushed one after another, when selling/buying stuff this error pops up.

Seems to me as if the message system, when the active one is ignored and a not-automatically disappearing one, is queued one after another?

Edit2: I mixed up my errors, because they came simultaniously. Sry

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Don’t recall seeing this before. Also, wondering why the game just stops saving? Either manually or auto-save. Seems like it’s a simple request to write save files. Game only reaches about 1.7gig ram, so it’s NOT running out of memory. Hope this gets worked out soon because I’ve replayed the same 5-10 day games a hundred times now.

thanks for the confirmation! :+1: