"bad frame transition from start to stopped"

I was playing in full screen mode (and yes this has happened at least twice) and I placed a house
and 4 errors popped up

they said
" lua line 59, bad frame transition start to stopped" (same for each)
I didn’t screencap it due to my laptops strange printscreen functionality and the fact that I was in full screen

my laptop is a high end windows 8, Qosmio Toshiba X870 laptop with a very good nvidia graphics card (geforce gtx 670m) and i7, quad-core processor. with 8 virtual processors.

The game usually runs at 80/100 fps for me, and with vsync on it is constantly 60.

I tested it again and got the error a second time, it only appears in full screen mode.

played again
Got on my first house TWICE
It seems to happen often.


and you’ve only ordered the house, and not a host of “smaller” jobs, correct?

that is correct good sir, also refresh i deleted some pointless stuff.in my bug report (including the house freezing)

The error message happens when someone’s AI transitions from “start” to “stop” in a way that is somehow unaccounted for. It would be really, really useful if we could figure out which AI, though, and why it fails on that state and not the others. So definitely keep experimenting–more data is super useful.

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