3 type of bug when building (stop building AND not remove building)

Sorry for my english, is not my first language.

after a few hours of game I come to you for some bugs, i hope than my backup guide you to the solution.

I met mainly 3 type of bug in my constructions
1 - when I built some buildings it does not put all my furnitures when it
ended, I try to remove a bed with gum of the construction menu (when the batiments are finish) (for
replace the manually) in the end the bed is still there, but the building is surrounded with scaffolding

2 - I try to build a wall muraile by block (I place the one to the other)
one of the buildings did not work well and I try to delete it but the
villagers do not veulents, (j ’ I try to delete it to add Elements to rebuild without effects)

3 - Always for building walls, I try to build a corner block, during
the build menu they ‘absorbed’ the buildings next and they try to
rebuild (double construction) without deleting the old
For in the end fail to build it and make double scaffold (I try twice this angle for the same result)
Steps to reproduce:

Actual Results:
you can found all bug in the game upload.

GameSave (upload on my server, is too big for this forum (12k)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Vanilla - release 549
System Information:

Thanks for your jobs
Best regards
Dragondark de Lonlindil