Building tear down/removal glitch

I found a glitch when I was trying to tear down a building. It was stuck in a loop of some trying to build it and some take it down. It took over an hour for them to remove 1 side of the building including the scaffolding.

Here’s what I did:

  1. design a 3 story building
  2. Have double the required materials before building it
  3. Have them start building
  4. have them get stuck finishing the building
  5. choose stop building
  6. choose remove building

If done correctly it will eat up any resources you have to get that building build/removed.

If you want to remove a partially built building you can click pause building, build, after that remove. That’s the order I use because it works so far every time tested & used.

There are several report of this bug now, but thanks for the tip even though it doesn’t work for me :grin:

I have a bug where I’ve started construction of a Cottage for Two, and when I attempted to replace the mean beds with comfy beds, the building immediately just stopped, and whenever I try to remove the building (or do anything with it frankly) nothing happens whatsoever.

I dont know how you can edit the furniture in the building unless its been placed and you move it yourself.