[2650] Game slow (pathfinder/navgrid/lua) day 12 / pop 18

Hello. 1st post here.

Title: Game is slow, citizens hungry but not moving, citizens idling

Current population is 18, Day 12.
Even pausing the game for a minute or two (pathfinder/pathfinder navgrid eating all CPU) would let me unpause the game for 30-60 seconds before the citizens idling, not eating, etc and pathfinder needing another two minutes of paused game.

Sometimes it is lua that takes 80%+ of cpu and stays there for a good time with the game paused (3m+).

The game seems frustratingly unplayable after a population of roughly 15, but apparently this is already known.

Even leaving the game paused for almost 10 minutes I don’t see idle getting out of 0%.

Attachments: zip file with the savegame https://db.tt/NwurLXTO

Versions and Mods: develop-2650 (x64), no mods.

System Information:
Game running in windowed mode, “new pathfinding” checkbox marked.
Intel i7 3770K overclocked running at 4.2 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7950
Windows 10, 16Gb RAM

Thank you

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Thanks! Lots of good info here – we’ll take a look.

Out of curiosity, is your Stonehearth installed on a traditional spinning harddrive or an SSD?


Heya …

I have two SSDs. One 256Gb where the OS, swap file, apps and another 64Gb mSata used for write-cache only for a 10k rpm 1TB HDD (Intel Rapid Storage/Smart Response blabla) where is my steam game library. I see really high IO as I play the game (you can tell me which windows perf counters you want and I can record them for you).

As a update, I’ve played dev-2664 x64 and the game was waaay better. I had the impression the workers were “dumber” (like, place an item somewhere, someone gets assigned the role, but wait … food time … sit down, eat, burp, mmm dessert … while others are idling and no one takes the order) … but at least I’ve managed with patience to play until I had like 25-28 citizens (dragged the slider to 30) but had to save, exit, load a few times.

Awesome job with the game so far, but so far the “mid-game” is frustrating not because there isn’t much to be done but due citizens dying out of starvation or sleeping in the floor because the engine couldn’t process to send them to their beds/eating table.

I’m looking forward for helping getting this fixed and see my villages take a bigger scale, somewhat to Godus ;).