[205] Crash on Save, Misc additional consequences

Apparently I’m too new to upload an image. Anyway, I’m finding that in 205 I lose the ability to promote citizens after a few days. The jobs screen appears, but the “tree” of various options does not.

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205? Radiant is adding all sorts of secret patches. … Might be they pushed something that broke the promotion tool

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they did add the title screen in. That is all i can see for changes so far!

Well, that’s not good. We don’t do as many long running tests as we’d like. If you guys can give us a specific repro scenario that would be really welcome. (How many days, how many people, etc).

Game crashed shortly after so I don’t know how many days or citizens. All my save files got trashed too so I can’t check that way :frowning:

I am about a week into a game, save state was created in 202, can still promote citizens.

That is also very alarming :wink: What exactly do you mean? Is the folder empty?

I thought this was a known issue, pretty sure I’ve seen it talked about here before. Suddenly while playing, the ability to create a new save or over write an old one vanishes. Upon starting the game up again, the ability to load a game is gone. It just shows “New Game” and “Quick Start”.

yep this bug makes the game almost unplayable for any extended period of time and should be top priority to fix ASAP!

Here is a Link to the thread!

Ah, I see. There are a bunch of different save game bugs, and so I ask because it’s important to figure out which bug it is so we know if it’s a brand new bug, a bug we know about and are already fixing, or an old bug we thought was fixed, but has come back.

The most common save issue, which is the one you look to be having, is this: if you’re playing and the game gets too big in memory, it may crash while attempting to save. (Other weird things may then happen, like you not being able to promote citizens; the UI is still working but the server has hung, preventing new data from reaching your UI screen.) This means that the most recently created save game is corrupted, because the game crashed halfway through. When you then restart the game, the load screen gets stuck on the most recent save game, which is corrupted, and shows no save games at all. This can be fixed in the short term by going into your save game folder, and deleting the first save, and seeing if the load screen can now read the other older saves. The fix for the “save game not being created at all” bug in the long term is actually not related to saving at all, but is instead related to our memory footprint. We need to get better at using memory. This is a big project, and progress will be incremental as long as we continue to add features.

There is a different bug in which all the save games in the folder are deleted permanently, and cannot be retrieved. That bug, we think, is fixed, and it would be alarming to see it pop up again.

There is yet a third bug in which you try to use the overwrite button to overwrite a save, but the first bug happens, and the old save is deleted in addition to the new save not being created as it crashes the game. This bug is one we also hope to fix soon, but the temporary workaround is to not use the overwrite feature when you’ve got a big world and are likely to crash on save.

We are definitely working on it ASAP, but the problem with bugs like this is that they don’t really stay fixed. It’s kind of like going on an exercise program to to reach a certain fitness level. You may actually achieve your target fitness level, but then the holidays roll around and…

So thanks for the feedback, and we hope you’ll stick with us as we continue to make progress.


Any word on a 64 bit release? Also thanks for taking the time to speak with us :smiley:


We’re working on it! I believe the relevant quote from @Ponder is “I’m in 64 bit heeeeeelllll!!!” That solution, though, only helps people with 64bit machines, so it’s awesome, and we’re looking forward to it, but it’s still not the whole solution. :slight_smile:


i’m sure there are a host of interesting discussions around that fine line between addressing save game states (in an alpha client) and introducing new features/content… however, as I have never had to deal with said discussions, I cant speak with a shred of authority on the matter… :blush:

suffice to say, I don’t envy your job… :smile:


I’m running through steam and this has happened to me also.
I have looked in the steam folder for the save file but it seems to have vanished.
My question is am i looking in the right directory or is it located elsewhere on my computer?

99 bugs in the code
Take 1 down
Patch it around
300 bugs in the code.

I think I’m on the right track to understanding programming.