2 small ideas for alpha 12

So I started a new playthrough in alpha 11 and I was thinking about the fact that food spoils now.
What if food spoiled less fast if you put it in barrels or crates ? It would make some sense because there would be less air near the food so it wouldn’t spoil that fast (taking a super realisic view on this). The other thing I was wondering about is that when you don’t have enough building supplies your guys are just standing around doing nothing. Maybe a pop-up or some sort of icon abouve the building that would let you know there are insufficient building materials would be helpfull.


I will second anything that adds more transparency to supply issues. If there is some material missing, or some building component, I want some sort of indicator to show me what needs to happen to keep things going.


you have the cook, he make foods “endure” longer. Think thats a fine step towards a healthy food econymi