2 Bugs to report


When I place the Font of Fortune anywhere my hearthling gets stuck on top and I can not get her down. If I move it or place it back into inventory my hearthling gets stuck in the ground. She can be mined out but when I replace the Font my hearthling gets stuck ontop again.

The second one is my healers in combat apparently run to heal the poyo’s and sheep rather then stay in combat and heal my knight and warriors. This has happened a few times and the animals are no where near the combat.


1 has to do with the collision box (you can build a ladder to get the heartling back but a fix is needed)

2 that’s the healer behaviour prioritizing healing to anything that he/she meets in his/her way
i would also like to see them prioritizing combat party


Thank you for those answers. I just found out while playing that a ladder in the front of the font works to get them down and the prioritizing makes sense. I ll just separate them clerics into there own group and move them down since they will prioritize the move over heal. Thanks again.