[1658] Assert on Create Save Game

Simple enough: I was had a couple of saves of the world in the screenshot, decided to delete them both and make a new save. Deletion worked fine, but couldn’t make a new save. Clearing out the saved games folder didn’t help either. Could not reproduce on a fresh world however.

In the mean time, enjoy the only surviving record of South Ayesong. Two warehouses and a trapper’s home beyond the main structure. The main structure consisted of two towers, a gatehouse, and a couple of L-shaped corner buildings that were being worked on when everything broke. The whole thing was on a two-high raised floor (that had the pathfinding algorithms screaming for mercy whilst under construction, but I digress :wink: ).


Creativity is going to flow like a river once we reach some more stable builds. Right now it’s really tough to commit to much because I never know how long it will last. :smile:

Looked promising, @Teleros!

Yep, same thing here.

I am unable to recall my saved games. The good settlement of East Rose is nothing more than a happy memory.

Curse you Assertion Failure!!!

Just realized it stopped saving. I was about to get off when I went to save but realized it had not saved in a while. Anything I can do? I really don’t want to delete all my files in the saved folder like other posts have suggested. If I have to I will but I really like the worlds I have >.< sigh

version 1658

Sounds like you’ve got a similar problem to me:

Have you modified the game in anyay? Same question for you @teleros?

I found that after installing @Froggy’s mod a couple of versions ago I was unable to even start a new game until I removed the mod. Just a random thought, likely to be unrelated but hey, let’s exclude all other possibilities.

Nope, always been the vanilla game for me.


Same for me. Especially while the game is in Alpha. Maybe one day down the road but definitely not while it is still in testing.
@Teleros did you find a way to fix it without deleting your files? I currently just have my game paused and am hoping for the best lol

Nothing I tried was any use sadly :frowning: .

:frowning: well that sucks…

Hmm, this looks like a different problem than the one where a corrupted save can cause the save UI to break, thus preventing you from being able to save/load more games. That means that the “delete the bad save” trick probably isn’t going to work. If you guys can get us a regular repro situation, that would be awesome. In the meantime, we’ll keep an eye out for it too.


so I saved my game, but now it won’t open anymore… When I want to continue the game, a window pops up with: Stonehearth Assertion Failed: id

So i can’t play my… best game so far… anymore. I read that I have to delete my save now… In that case I’ll just let you guys know this is still an issue :wink:

The game itself is amazing even though it is still in alpha

Is the game save from an older update perhaps? Maybe the hotfix yesterday affected it?

@Geoffers747 No the game save is from the same day i started that particular map. I tried to open is on the same day too, after closing the game to fix a goblin bug.