[1658] [Ack] Travelers won't join village keeps dropping off berries and hoes

22 days with only 7 villagers before the goblin raid killed 3 of them.

i’m not entirely sure I would classify this a bug, as there is a certain amount of randomness involved in acquiring new villagers… still, that does seem like quite a long time… :confused:


Forgot this is build 1658.

Well, I’ve seena bug with net worth not updating. I bet it’s connected.


One traveler told me that “I would join your village, but i’m better off then you are! Have 3 turnips.”

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might be related to the networth bug. I didn’t have much and I had buildings and farmland and food and wood stockpiled.


Possibly, but I’ve played for in-game (!) weeks with >10k net worth in 1658 (tip: build vast fields of fallow farmland), and not had anyone ask to join.


Im having the same problem… ill try building more net worth and see if that makes a difference… having so many filled stock piles doesn’t exactly look nice though.

In my experience travelers will not join until you have a building with walls. It has to be the very basic definition of a house. It doesn’t even need beds inside. I believe this may be by design, and it has happened to me frequently until I build my main hall. Anything without true walls as the game defines it doesn’t seem to work

Had a few completed houses in my above game, and yet nobody asked to join :frowning: . Bit weird, but at least I tend to play on peaceful mode :stuck_out_tongue: .

Honestly, I think I’m getting a little distracted by your levitating house.

Clearly, those travelers don’t know a good thing when they see it. I mean, it’s FLOATING!!


Thanks guys, a bug in the score service was indeed stopping the travelers from finding their way to your town. Fixed on my machine.