New Hearthlings

What triggers a traveler to appear and join your village? Does a happy village attract more travelers? As in, “I hear everyone has Comfy Beds over in North Kitten, and they get different food every day! Maybe I should move there!” Or is it totally random, and RNJesus hates the village of Stonewall?

I’ve had some games where I had 14 Hearthlings on day 10, and other games where only one joined, and two died, leaving me with only 6 by day 10. Both were under the same version of Alpha 7.

Generally, by day 10 the Hearthlings seem to quit working and just stand around idle forever, but those that joined later seem to take longer to get bored of working and quit. That bug has already been well reported, but getting a regular influx of villagers meant I was able to take a village into Day 15 or so before the last of the new people quit working.

There’s a few ways, Mainly keep your citizens happy, Having a lot of different types of food so they don’t complain. I believe the higher your networth is, The better chance of getting new citizens. But just basically keep them happy, Having the basics and just keep building your town. But food and beds seemed to be the biggest factor for me getting more citizens. I played for about 4 hours and I now have 20 builders :smile: .

But overall it’s random but the happier and nicer kingdom you have the better chance really.

As for the idle issue that isn’t due to being happy or anything, It’s due to them not having anything to do. Sometimes you have to click into the build mode and re tell them to build the building. Sometimes it’s either you have to many workers and there’s not enough for them to do, And they idle waiting for others to finish or it’s truly a bug. But I’ve never seen it so I’m not 100% sure about that.

Hope that helped in some way :smile:

In the ledger (when you click the middle banner) it will show things like food #/10. Shelter #/10. And overall happiness #/10 (the average of both). If overall happiness is above 7 there is a very high chance to gain a new villager. Easiest way is to get a trapper and two, 3x12 row plots for farming, one for pumpkins, one for corn. This will get your food up quickly maybe even to 8/10. Next build houses, as long as they sleep in a bed with a roof it will be around 6-7 shelter. Villagers start coming in regularly after that. (Day twenty, 25 villagers and counting.)

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