"Zones" UI borders

I was thinking… Instead of having a sign that says “Build and Design”, or whatever, why not put a border around each mode, like, in “Build and Design”, have stones bricks and hammers and stuff like that around the borders od the screen, and in the farming zones, fruits and vegetables, and vines crawling in the edges around in the borders (in a way that it doesn’t obstruct the view of the game offcourse), and says exacly what you need to know on a simple, fun and beautifull way, in my opinion. You do very cool art so I trully believe you guys could do awesome borders. Let me know if this is a horrible idea if you read this please. And thankyou for reading offcourse :blush:

PS: I’m not a Native English Speaker so go easy on my grammar incompetence. :wink:


first of all, welcome aboard @EddieP_! :smile:

no, not a horrible idea… i’m not necessarily a fan of the concept, but that doesnt mean others might not love it!

fear not, your English was just fine… :+1:


Why not have both?

Is that to greedy?

I really do like Radiant’s art style. Though it is hard for me to try to emulate. -.- lol Interesting idea though. Im having a difficult time trying to imagine it but it might look interesting.


Thankyou for reading, you guys trully are in touch with us fans, that’s one of the best qualities of game developers. :smiley: