Zilla's New Look

You see anything different about me? Anything at all? Well kind fellow, please move your eyes to my profile picture. Since 2013, I have had the same profile picture, but no more. I present to you… My new profile picture!

New and Improved:

Now with 100% More Detail!


It’s like when @SteveAdamo changed his profile picture. I don’t like it!!!

But I’m sure it will grow on me. RIght now, though, I think it’s more likely to eat at me.


Both. You’ll like it better, and It’s also trying to eat you


Oh god i can’t even remember how his old picture was, but i remember it took weeks getting used to the new one.


Ah, so I’m the only one who’s got a black-and-white image left?

Huh, that’s neat. I guess it makes mine stand out more… (awkward one of the group)


I’d like to stand with you, but I think that sort of look just wouldn’t work for me:

Ow. It hurts. So many lines!!! What am I, a checkerboard?

[In related news, I actually like this style, but I wouldn’t change my avatar to this because it’s really visually confusing at icon size without color.]

Definitely not changing to that weird round colorful style that takes weeks to get used to any time soon.

Mine is still greyscale :slight_smile:


and you had to make an entire thread for this…?


This is an important issue that needs discussion in great depth and detail. The debate has raged since neolithic times whether avatars should be in black and white or in colour. Forum posts from 10,000BC can still be found in the internet archaeologic record containing heated debates between individuals deeply divided on this issue. There are even rumours the War of 1812 was started because of a disagreement on forum avatar coloration. This may be the most important thread in the discourse :sunglasses:


Why make anything if you can’t show it off?


Wonderful new avatar aside, I feel like that’s terrible reasoning. There’s plenty of stuff people make that they don’t show off, for one reason or another.


Thank you for the input! :smiley:
Honestly, you should have expected something like this from me! Where have you been on this discourse?!
The Untold Rules of Zilla’s Post:
1.) If I do anything I think is cool, I must show the world. Especially if it’s something special like changing an avatar! It may also be to raise my ego, but that’s for another day :smile:
2.) When viewing my post, expect to become stupider. You will lose brain cells the longer you are here. You have probably already lost 10 IQ points. I advice you leave fast. :wink:
3.) My post are usually for mindless comedy purposes. I like to make people laugh! The reason why I make unimportant things the center of attention on their own thread, is because it’s fun to blow things out of proportion!
Some say there are other rules, but they have been lost to history…


i did expect it from you, i just said that because i like to derail threads, where have you been :wink:


Two big issues here:

  1. Not purpley enough.

  2. Not enough tentacles. (Eight too few, to be exact)

Jeez, you’re supposed to be scary, Zilla. All I see is an ashen, anaemic Barney!



Derail in moderation, otherwise you would not be a moderator. Derailerator would have to be your sub-title then.

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yes… of course… :eyes:

[quote=“GyroDragon, post:15, topic:16412”]
Derailerator would have to be your sub-title then.
[/quote]many, many times have i been tempted to re-title myself to “Derailment Crab” … :expressionless:


You are quite right, look at cave paintings. Why do think they put them big hand prints over the stick figures? Caveman 1: “And what is wrong with charcoal stick figures?” Caveman 2: Sound of wet hand slapping cave wall “I’m telling you, it needs some colour.”

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Zilla: Innocent Avatar Switch, or Ruthless Virtual Kidnapping?

To the inexperienced eye it seems the radical change in avatar was by Zilla himself but officials assure us, this is not the Zilla We Know and Love! Even as we speak the top levels of discourse government are working at full speed to discover the whereabouts of the unfortunate Zilla. The impostor Zilla is being meticulously tracked in an attempt to uncover more on this horrific case.

Agents report that the impostor Zilla is an expert internet forger, all the discourse fields are correctly and accurately filled out. Along with that he has adequately covered his tracks by creating this post.

At this time, moderators caution the discourse denizen to avoid and disbelieve anything “Zilla” posts until future notice.

Although the impostor is clearly an ace at internet forging he has made mistakes. For the sake of public interest authorities have agreed to release part of the thoroughly compelling case being made against the impostor.

The first key point is the new avatar has not an ounce of ginger coloring nor does it have the potential of ginger coloring. The Zilla We Know and Love rarely completes the shortest sentence without some sort of reference to gingers or ginger material. This is an obvious slip of the impostor, but not a surprising one, he probably could not comprehend such a ginger fanatic.

Let us analyze the words “New and Improved:” stated by the impostor. Although to the layman this is an innocent remark which describes the apparent improvement of “Zilla’s” avatar, in truth these words reveal the true identity of the topic author. “New and Improved:” implies the old avatar was lacking in some way. The Zilla We Know and Love would never criticize his masterpiece and lifework.

The above argument also applies to the phrase “Now with 100% More Detail!

Another point is that the “old” avatar is still in place on Stonehearth.net clearly the impostor was unable to gain access to that account and was therefore unable to taint it.

So far that is all the professional investigators have de-classified. So the public can better appreciate the impostors legendary work, I want to quote his various evasion methods.

Notice how he cleverly rewords @coasterspaul’s post but adds no new information. A time proven trick to avoiding suspicion.

A clear cover-up. The impostor starts off be re-affirming that he is indeed the real “Zilla” then to allay suspicions he places guilt on the reader. Finally he begins listing “Untold” rules. Very conveniently untold.

An attempt by the trickster to create an atmosphere where the public does not think about his every move.

Another time-proven method at mitigating suspicion.

I would like to point out that the number of cover-ups is in itself a proof that this is not the Zilla We Know and Love. As our great moderator said “only a guilty person explains” -@Steveadamo never.

If you ask me, the impostor should be virtually arrested and virtually jailed right now. However the moderators demand on gathering all possible evidence and giving him a fair trial. The admins are also concerned about the health and happiness of the Zilla We Know and Love. It is my understanding that negations for the release of the hostage are already underway.

We will keep you updated on Turtlesquish Times


You know too much…
Looks like I’m going to have to find @TurtleSquish’s password…
Maybe @Steveadamo’s password, so I can ban Turtlesquish for good…


its probably still @Geoffers747roks, just like his old twitch password… :wink: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

thats the first thing i thought of when you mentioned passwords…