Z-clipping, Graphical Bug with water

I was experimenting with water and watermechanics for some youtube videos and did see a graphic bug with the flowing water. I dont know if its only for me like this or if its a known problem but I didnt find anything related in this forum. In this video you can see what I mean (at around 26:50):

I know that water is newly added in alpha 10 and will be further optimized. Maybe this still helps.


Nice catch! This looks similar to:

Hopefully they’re the same or similar bug(s) and easy to fix!

Edit: @Relyss @SteveAdamo @8BitCrab, maybe this should be renamed to let the devs know its a Z-clipping problem?


10:30 its also funny ^^ you can really set a ladder on a person? ^^

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yep at least it did show the ladder-dunno if it would be possible

it probably has to do with the hearthlings collision box (or whatever they’re called), because that makes it so that there is something to set the ladder against.