Alpha 16 Map Glitch :P

So i want to go watch my hearthlings mine without slicing the map, and then i get stuck in the mountain. Here is a snapshot of it:

Can this be fixed asap?


hey there @WaterMagic, welcome to the discourse :smile:

from the picture it looks like you moved the camera underground, is that right? if so, you should be able to move it back out…

no worry’s about reporting something that turns out to not be a bug, the team would probably prefer you give a false alarm, rather than no alarm and end up with game breaking bugs :wink:

anyways, this might be a bug, paging @sdee (sorry if i paged the wrong person for this) to confirm whether this is bug or not

no problemo!

haha, thanks :smile:

i’m afraid i can’t, the minimum characters is in place to help prevent spamming and such, so it’s here to stay.

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I would actually like to add on to this. I have noticed that when zooming in and out, or rotating my map view, getting stuck in a mountain or tree will alter the axis point from which the rotation happens, and zooming/scrolling along the map becomes quite slow until I am no longer inside the tree or mountain. A good analogy would be that it feels like the camera is on wheels that have gotten stuck in mud. Once you’re out, you’re fine - but it feels like it takes far to long with very sluggish movement to get back to normal camera function.

you do know that besides using the mouse you can move the camera using the arrow keys? This usally helps me get out quicker then when trying with the mouse :slight_smile:

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