Weird camera issues

For some reason the camera slows down dramatically during gameplay, almost like it’s getting stuck on something. I’m building underground (you have my savegame Josephines Hearth) and I noticed the “approaching armies” stopped in the middle of my base above ground like they didn’t know I was underground and waited for the army to approach them. After that the camera started slowing down randomly, making it impossible to move around. It could be shaken off by moving the camera with the mouse before WASD.


I’m getting the same thing.

Thanks for the bug report.

Two questions:

  1. What version of the game are you playing?
  2. Are you using any mods? If yes, which?

Latest dev build and yes got me…

Age of giant - Piles
Animalot [increases field capacity]
Better Storage
Ore Fields
Crafter Queues [shows all the crafter queues so you can see what’s being crafted all at once]
Insert Craft Order [inserts job at top of queue]
Rivers [adds rivers to map]
Lorkis Biome
Box Command Tool [lets you drag to deploy/undeploy]
Footman Power Strike Balance

@Jade_Elizabeth, is your issue that when looking top-down with the camera, moving in a specific direction, the camera slows down to the point it’s unusable?

Does tilting the camera to a lower angle help?

We could reproduce a serious slow down by doing that. Using W/S was slow but using A/D was at normal speed, when looking down with the camera. Rotating it to a more horizontal / side view of the terrain also moved at normal speed in all directions.

If that’s your case then we fixed it for the next build.

That’s what I had exactly. Glad it’s fixed!

Yes, but it was also when on a slight tilt as well, I was trying to build with walls up, follow soldiers, etc :slight_smile:

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Hey @Jade_Elizabeth, are you still seeing this issue in the latest version?

I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to check! I will let you know asap :slight_smile:

The slow down has disappeared for me at least. Everything’s back to normal.

Every now and then I get a slight jerkiness/lag feel when on high speeds but seems good!

Also the screen about the mods on loading an old save after an update…that’s so unclear I never know which button makes any sense.

Yeah, we had trouble with the wording.

The green button means load the savefile enabling only the mods that were enabled on that savefile.
The other button is load the savefile with whatever mod configuration you currently have.

It is useful because you don’t have to remember or manually enable/disable mods for a certain savefile.

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