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Hello everyone,

I’m The Survivemer, and I love Stonehearth! I’m really new to the game, and learning as I play.

I have a few let’s plays and video guides in my YouTube channel that I want to share with you. Even though I’m not an expert, I get a lot of fun making the videos, and I might be something that others are interested to see too :wink: . I’ve seen several other YouTubers that have started Discussions here in a similar way. One thing I noticed is that most use only one discussion for all their content, making reply posts when adding new content to share. I think this is a great idea to keep the discussions limited and contribute to a more ordered forum.

So in the same way as others did before me, I will start sharing from time to time my YouTube content only in this discussion. The content will be shared as a “reply post” to this discussion. Also I will keep an updated “index” to each post (if I can…), so you can quickly find any specific content.

I hope you find the videos fun and entertaining:

The Survivemer’s Index:

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Thanks a lot! :wave:


How to build a starter’s warehouse

This was my first “Codex Entry” lol :rofl: . I’m constructing what I think is a very useful and cool building to have. A small wooden warehouse to store the initial resources and produced items. It’s small enough to be feasible just from the start of the game. No stone required, just wood. The only thing that needs are large crates, the ones with 32 item slots capacity. But this one is fairly easy to craft for your carpenter as soon as he reaches level 1, and this is fairly easy and fast to do.

The warehouse is compact and small enough to fit in a tiny town, but houses 16 of the large crates. I did not include any chest, as I want this to be available as quick as possible at the start of the game. Chests usually requires leader, and maybe other resources too. The warehouse being small is also on purpose. This way you can build multiple of these, to create sort of a logistics network on your town as soon as it starts to grown.

I hope you like it :wink:


If you want the building template, jump into my Discord and download it directly from the “stonehearth” channel.


How to share a custom building template with friends

The 2nd entry for The Survivemer’s Stonehearth Codex. This was a short one, that came naturally after the first building template was ready to be shared :wink: . I explain how to share your custom building templates with friends. And… how to install the files a friend sends you into your game.


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Let’s Play Stonehearth (Season 1) - The Kingdom of New Munster

This was my first recorded gameplay for YouTube. I played on hard mode, and learned to be more cautious very quickly. It’s a short season 1, 5 episodes only, but fun to play and learn how this are in hard mode :wink: :


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