Yooka-Laylee (Banjo-Kazooie Spiritual Successor)


So the spiritual successor to Banjo-Kazooie has finally launched its Kickstarter and it’s going pretty well.

Funded within the first 40 minutes, and as you can see it’s generating a hell of a lot of backers.

I must admit I’m pretty stoked for this, I do miss me some Banjo platforming action.


I just got my payment for this month… GARH. @Geoffers747 why you do this to me?

Also it looks like they are going to need to exapnd their stretch goal.

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So it is already halfway to the last stretch goal. That is quite extreme and we are not even through the first 2 days rush.

Should be a great game, nice to see a platformer being developed. loved the banjo kazooie and tooie. Even liked nuts and bolts.

At least it’s not @SteveAdamo this time.

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This is worse the moderators have decided to work together to empty our wallets :open_mouth:



<I’m gonna annoy the hell out of Geoffers747 by typing only in caps>


In light of what may happen in a few days, and almost certainly by the end: What happens on Kickstarter after a project passes all of its stretch goals? Can they make more?

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Most of the projects i have known made up the stretch goals on the run. Though the succefull ones had their stretch goals ready from the start.

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They have just completely smashed their funding goals so far. Maybe they can actually get £1,000,000 in 24 hours? Who knows? I guess the love and nostalgia for Banjo is strong.

Also sorry guys, couldn’t let @Steveadamo take all the Kickstarter love, he thrives on it, it feeds his ego. It’s kinda weird really.


They have been going for what 2.5 hours? 3 hours? and they already reached 600k

I would say 1 miillion day 1 sounds quite reasonable.

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Ah ok my fault 5 hours.


I hope our poor, beloved Radiant isn’t feeling too jealous.

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Which is Yooka and which is Laylee? xD

So they actually did the 1 million on day one? Oh god.

Oh they did not… Damn only in USD.

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According to Google, “1,515,409 US Dollar equals 1,001,029.84 British Pound”.

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Same naming pattern as Banjo Kazooie–large unit first, back unit second. Yooka’s the chameleon, Laylee’s the bat.

And wow, they broke a million pounds over last night (for me)! Roughly, that’s around $1,500,000. And we’ve already hit the console stretch goal, so that means we’ll essentially be getting that grand return of Rare to Nintendo! Good times… I missed Banjo Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64.

(whoops, just saw @coasterspaul’s message above about the financial update.)


2,688,588 US Dollar equals 1,757,879.20 British Pound.

Okay, that’s just crazy.

And that is before weeven reach the end growth spurt.